The Masonic Hall, Church Street, WincantonThe Lodge of Science No. 437 is located at ‘The Masonic Hall’, Church Street, Wincanton BA9 9AA. The links below can be used to contact us for general enquiries, applications for charitable donations and seeking information on how to become a Freemason:

For all general enquiries or to apply to become a mason contact the Lodge Secretary.

For all enquiries relating to charity contact the Charity Steward.

For all enquiries relating to Masons’ welfare¬†contact the Lodge Almoner.

For all enquiries relating to the Lodges finances contact the Lodge Treasurer.

For all requests and cancellations for Dinner after the Lodge (these must submitted by the Saturday preceding the Lodge Meeting) contact the Dining Member.

For all enquiries relating to the website contact the Web Team.

Wincanton Lodge of Science No.437 sign