March 2020 – 1st Degree Ceremony

In March the Brethren welcomed Mr David Collins as a new initiate into the Lodge.  Bro David had been proposed and balloted over the previous months and was guided around the lodge most expertly by the Junior Deacon, Bro Jamie Reach.  Bro David was initiated by the Worshipful Master (WM) W Bro Jonny Reach, with work being conducted on the floor by W Bro Roger Blanthorne, Bro Ed Davies and Bro Don Cochrane.  The Lodge was also issued its 5thAshlar as part of the 2020 festival for raising £35,000 over the past 3 years. The funds will go towards charitable causes going forward, a truly huge achievement.

The WM and Charity Member receiving the Lodge’s 5th Ashlar

At the festive board the Bro David was treated to some fine fare, good company and found the lodge in good voice.  At the festive board the brethren also managed to raise a further £135 for the WMs Charity.

W Bro Tony addressing the Brethren at the Festive Board
Bro David responding as the initiate at the Festive Board